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Whew! And I thought that I will never cosplay from LOK again… but here I am again!

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tahnosmainbitch asked
He looked her over and shrugged, she was fairly attractive, but obviously not too kind to strangers. "Well maybe I can help you get somewhere? I am a cop after all."

"I’ll survive well by myself.. I’ve survived until this far, too" she answered rudely. 


The man looked too familiar, and the woman didn’t want to get into trouble right away. It had taken years for her to get to a shape this good after the boat incident.

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tahnosmainbitch asked
Years later, Tahno was walking through the streets, flipping an orb of water about in his hand when he saw a familiar figure ahead of him, "Excuse me..... Do I know you?"

A short distance away from Tahno, stood a woman wearing a hood and a long cape that reached down to her ankles. 
The woman was startled and tried to hide her face better.
"I doubt we know each other, I’m new here"
The woman said in a hoarse voice.


((My own Shingeki no Kyojin OC character.Her name is Jeremiah.* 21-year old*170 cm tall

((My own Shingeki no Kyojin OC character.
Her name is Jeremiah.
* 21-year old
*170 cm tall

Survey Corps and a bottle of wine, hey, even the mightiest soldier needs to take a break once in a while! c;

Me as Auruo.

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Do you exercise in your uniform or has yoga pants been invented yet?

Yoga pants. no no no